A New Climate Agenda: XYZ

X – Extraction needs to be addressed first. In national climate policies and at the UN level. If governments fail to do this – and most of them currently do, the responsibility falls back to all of us citizens. Extraction resistance is a moral imperative in our days.

Y – Yasunization stands for identifying concrete places where fossil reserves will be left in the ground. The spirit of Yasuní, the first place in the world where a government has embraced the option to make a conscious decision to leave fossil fuels untouched, is kept alive by the Yasunidos Coalition in Ecuador. And the spirit is spreading around the world. The defense of places dear to our heart against the advancing fossil fuel frontier will continue and spread until the whole planet is yasunized.

Z – Zero Carbon Transitions It is clear that every city and every country needs to transition to zero carbon and 100% clean energy over the next years and decades. This will happen by default once extraction gets phased out, but doing it in a planned, proactive way can unleash synergies and avoid hardships along the way.

The XYZ Agenda is a blueprint for stopping runaway climate change. Each of the points on the agenda must be addressed, and in this order. Starting with the Z and hoping the X would magically dissolve does not work. Today, sadly many efforts are still pertinent to agenda point W – Wasting Precious Time.