Here are some resources that help understand why the LINGO approach of keeping fossil fuels in the ground is essential to avoid the worst impacts of climate change:

  • The Understanding the Climate Crisis infographicInfographic Climate Crisis shows the direct link between fossil fuel extraction and climate impacts. Climate policy too often ignores this obvious link, getting lost in-between.



  • Our Climate Crisis Systems Analysis Climate Crisis Systems Analysis 3 - System Rolesshows that reducing the supply of cheap fossil fuels is a powerful lever that can change the whole of society much faster and easier than other approaches.


  • Our brief on Extraction at the UNFCCC explains how the vicious cycle of extraction-growth-extraction operates, why reducing emissions alone fertilizes fossil economic growth and finally how reducing extraction can turn the cycle around into a virtuous cycle.



  • The Paris Mirage explains how the extraction sectors of oil, coal and gas in major countries will be impacted by the COP21 outcome – the impact will only be felt at all in very few sectors. Most continue growing!