Our Team

LINGO started in November 2011, in Durban, South Africa during the time of COP17, when we decided to bring together a coalition of people and organizations that push for leaving the fossils in the ground and creating the post carbon society. Vanesa’s beautiful image, commissioned by Oilwatch gave the idea a very attractive visual background that quickly spread around. Months later, before and during the Rio+20 conference, a few of us who felt the need to push this further, developped the “Transition Treaty“. In order to facilitate the framing of the climate challenge in terms of leaving fossil fuels in the ground and transitioning to the post carbon age, we have set up this website and hope to inspire and connect with like-minded organizations and individuals.

  • Kjell Kühne is a world citizen and climate activist with a diverse set of insights into the climate challenge that humanity faces. He is German and lives with his family in Chiapas, Mexico. He works for the children-led organization Plant-for-the-Planet that empowers children and youth as Climate Justice Ambassadors. Since 2000 when he got to know the concept of zero emissions and even more since 2002 when he understood the personal responsibility that comes with a free but resource-predating lifestyle he has been looking for ways to quicken the transition to a sustainable society through education and activism. This journey has taken him to five continents and led him to work with very different people from all walks of life such as government, business, NGOs, farmers, indigenous people, schools, universities etc. In 2011 he initiated the establishment of the LINGO coalition and has been working towards the LINGO goals since then. Kjell is trained as a psychologist and anthropologist and is fluent in English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Chinese, Indonesian and Lingala. Kjell’s blog: http://kjellkuehne.blogspot.com/
  • My name is Sukma Wijayanti and I’m just another part of our little blue dot who would try the best that I could to protect our only HOME. There is no place for me to see the ‘world’ as beautiful as earth that has given us all the things that we need to live such as the air that we breathe, the water that we drink and the land that we stand. For that matter, I wouldn’t only going to see it for what is happening now. Take action no matter how small it is and support the green action in our community, is just a few things that we can do to protect our nature. It is just not for us right now but it’s also for our next generation to come.

          “The earth does not belong to us. We belong to the earth.” – Chief Seattle, The Chief           Seattle’s Speech.

  • Nele Marien is a free lance analyst and investigator on environmental policies at both the Bolivian and international level. She focusses on environmental and climate justice. From 2009 to October 2011 she was a negotiator for the Bolivian team to the UNFCCC, and was part of the organization of the World Peoples Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth, in general, and specifically responsible for group work on climate debt. She also followed issues of biodiversity, IPBES and Rio +20. She lives and works in Bolivia since 2000, providing support for social movements, on different aspects of their struggle, among them: the struggle of peasants against WTO agricultural policies, the campaign against FTAA and the Andean FTA, GMOs, etc. She is passionate about defending the Rights of Mother Earth, and finding fair and equitable solutions for the environmental crisis. She wishes to offer her knowledge and skills to civil society movements, in order to continue contributing to these global fights. Nele’s page: http://www.nelemarien.info/
  • Lui Zapana is a climate activist and farmer in Bolivia.