LINGO Murals

Inspired by the original work of Angie Vanessita from Ecuador, commissioned by Oilwatch, artists around the world have created murals that carry the LINGO message.

"San Cristóbal without contamination" painted on the occasion of the visit of Pope Francis in February 2016
“San Cristobal without contamination” painted on the occasion of the visit of Pope Francis in February 2016 in San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico

The first one was a mural by Ewok in Durban:

Corner Café, Durban, South Africa

He also spray-painted the second one on a banner at the Speakers Corner during COP17:

This banner served as shelter for COP17 refugees first, and then went on a sailing trip over the South Atlantic with the TOPtoTOP Expedition, it missed its appointment with the Rio+20 Summit in Rio de Janeiro, and as of today is somewhere sailing the 7 Seas.

Last night at COP17

The third one, also in Durban, was painted by Warren Raysdorf:

In 2012, youth painted another version at the Youth Blast.

LINGO banner painted by youth for Rio+20

It was shown at the Rio+20 Conference and then given as a gift to the People of Bhutan, together with a prize known as “Ray of the Day” for inspiring the world with their example: being the only country with “negative” emissions and having pledged to keep it that way, and measuring Gross National Happiness of its citizens as the main policy success indicator, instead of GDP.

Also in 2012, a mural was painted in México with a local graffiti artist and members of a transition initiative called San Cristóbal Sin Petróleo.

San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas, México

In 2013, another one followed to oppose oil extraction in the Lacandon Rainforest of Chiapas.

No oil exploitation in the Selva Lacandona, Chiapas, Mexico!
Extraction resistance mural in Chiapas, Mexico

Here is our call to artists to paint more of these murals around the world:

Murals across the world, a call to artists. Leave the Oil in the Soil, the Coal in the Hole

Calling all Artists, Leave the Oil in the Soil, and the Coal in the Hole.

LINGO is a coalition bringing together campaigns against extraction with zero carbon solutions. One of the chief aims is to get Supply side mitigation onto the UN agenda, and begin the conversation about turning off the taps of fossil fuel extraction. This is currently not even considered in the COP talks. This is where we need YOU to be part of this drive to expose the dangers of extractions, and promote solutions based on respecting the rights of Mother Nature and societies powered by renewable energy systems.

The attached image (by   and oilwatch) is our call to action, as we ask artists across the world to recreate it in their own cities, towns, villages or homes during COP17 in solidarity with global struggles against fossil fuel extraction and for people centred solutions.

Interpret in your own style, and relevant to your own country and campaign. Each mural will be mapped here and hosted on this page so please send your location, artist name and a webready jpeg to (a google placemark would be ideal though).