Excursion: German Coal & Hambach Forest

Free Shuttle Service from COP23 (Bonn) to Hambacher Forst and Hambach Coal Mine

Excursion: German Coal & Hambach Forest
You are invited to visit Hambach Forest and Hambach Coal Mine.

The Hambach Opencast Mine emits close to 100 Mio tCO2/year.
Activists have occupied the remaining Hambach Forest for the past five years.










Ende Gelände: massive civil disobedience shuts down coal infrastructure.

One of the biggest mines in the world is digging lignite (brown coal) today, just one hour away from Bonn. To continue burning coal, Germany destroys some of its most beautiful forests, home to endangered species and pollutes the surroundings. Experience the scale of coal mining first hand. Visit the tree houses of activists defending the last standing part of the Hambach Forest. Learn about Ende Gelände and civil disobedience to stop coal. The end of coal is near. What role will you play in the end game?

Departure: Every day during COP23 (November 6 – 19) at 9am (return around 2pm) and 2pm (return around 7pm) from Hambacher Forst Information Point next to Bula Zone Main Entrance (view location).
The excursion is free of charge and takes 5 hours. Donations are welcome. Reserve your spot today. Priority is given to media.
Contact at COP and for reservation: Kjell Kühne, +49-16095441965
Contact in the Forest: +49-163-4003474, www.hambachforest.org


Background Information:

CDU and FDP say Germany should not be committed to its Paris targets. (taz, Nov 5)

COP23 uses fossil energy, including lignite coal from Hambach, which is part of City of Bonn’s electricity mix. (UNFCCC website – in spite of the title, the text only implicitly mentions the uncomfortable fact)

Police preparing for eviction of tree house villages, old part of the forest scheduled to be destroyed completely. (Schattenblick, Oct 30)