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Natural gas is a key contributor to the climate crisis. Find out more about its impacts and how we can facilitate the end of natural gas burning, so we get to 100% clean energy sooner.


Methane Emissions – The greenhouse gas footprint of natural gas.  Robert W. Howarth , 26.10.2016

Methane and the Greenhouse Gas Footprint of Shale Gas. Bob Howarth, March 25, 2016

Methane emissions and climatic warming risk from hydraulic fracturing and shale gas development: implications for policy. Robert W Howarth, 8.10.2015


Background Information

Natural Gas & Climate Change: A Bridge to Nowhere. Greenpeace US

Know Where Your Bridge Is Going Before You Build It. Rachel Smolker, Jan 05, 2016

¡Es el metano, estúpido! Samuel Martín-Sosa, 01.11.2016

EU gas infrastructure and EFSI: time for change. WWF Briefing Paper

Global Warming’s Terrifying New Chemistry Bill McKibben, The Nation, March 23, 2016

Natural gas in vehicles – on the road to nowhere. Transport & Environment

Coordinating work on Gas

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Fossil fuel lock-in: why gas is a false solution. Conference in Brussels, organized by Rosa Luxemburg Foundation, 26.09.2016 – 28.09.2016